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Binaural Beat Applications for the iPhone

May 17th, 2009 in Quality Binaural Beats by Wayne

There are basically three types of Binaural Beat applications for the iPhone. Fully customizable apps give you full control of the binaural beat sequence; for example they give you the ability to adjust the binaural beat frequency yourself. Simi-customizable apps that let you customize the binaural beat, background music, and (usually) length from a pre-made selection. Non-customizable apps simply play pre-recorded tracks back with no customization options.

Fully Customizable

Attractor: iTunes, Website

What I like about attractor is it lets you customize the frequency of your binaural beat session. Attractor doesn’t have as many options as “binaural beats” in terms of ambient music, but it more than makes up for this by allowing you to record your own audio clip (up to 15 seconds) to be played during your session, this app is my favorite because of this unique feature, which reminds me of the centerpoint advanced sessions.

Entrainment: iTunes, Website

  • Support for multiple entrainment techniques, including Binaural Beats, Monaural Beats, Isochronic Tones/Noise, and Panning Tones/Noise, as well as background “synthetic surf”.
  • Includes both stereo (headphone) effects as well as monaural effects not requiring headphones.
  • Programs can be either a simple, single setting, or change over time (changing volume, pitch, “beat”, balance).
  • Support for up to six separate tracks in a program.

Very good for the experienced user, probably the best binaural beat authoring software around!

iBrainWave: iTunes, Website
Lets you select the frequency of binaural beat to play. They say they are the only real-time beat generator available for the iPhone. It allows you to change the beat on the fly, while the other applications want you to first define your session then play it.


AmbiScience: iTunes, Website

Entrainment Settings

  • Focus – helps you concentrate on your task.
  • Meditate – help you meditate faster, better.
  • Relax – need a break? or brainstorm some ideas.
  • Sleep – peaceful slumber – helps insomnia.

Ambient Music Settings

  • High Plains Asia
  • Tesla’s Lab
  • Gone Fishing
  • Buddhist Rain
  • Desert Sunrise
  • A Calming Stream
  • The Power Plant
  • The Fountain of Raw
  • A Visit to Olympus Mons

They also have a free “lite” version to try out with less options.

Binaural Beats: iTunes, Website

The first app on the app store with binaural beats: From their webpage:

9 Binaural tones: Deep dreamless sleep, Dream creation, Deep meditation, Memory helper, Lullaby, Headache killer, Relaxation, Concentration, Busy thinking.

Even though they don’t mention exactly what frequencies they use to achieve these effects, I like the many options for ambient background music.

SleepStream: iTunes, Website
- Advanced Sleep Inducer and Energizer: 6 different binaural beats to choose from: Sleep, Meditate, Focus, Relax, Energize. 30+ different nature sounds for background. A timer, volume control, and special “AutoBlend” feature make this my favorite semi-customizable binaural beat application out there, very nice background music, good job.

BrainHack: iTunes, Website
11 different binaural beat presents to choose from and 4 different ambient tracks, you can also customize the length.

Custom Binaural Beats: iTunes, Website
12 preset binaural beat tracks, 10 ambient background looops, 3 options for carrier frequency.

The Mind Machine: iTunes, Website
3 different binaural beat presets (work, relax, dream), 3 different carrier frequency options (high, medium and low frequency), many different ambient background tracks, and the ability to change volume of both the binaural and the frequency during play.

Quit Smoking Now with Max Kirsten: iTunes, Website
This app uses much, much more than just binaural beats to help you quit smoking, everything from videos, to flash cards, to hypnosis, check it out if you want to quit.


Mindwave: iTunes, Website
Mindwave lets you know what binaural beat frequency you are listening too but offers no customization, just choose from 16 binaural beat meditations.

Mind Freak
: iTunes, Website
This is just like mindWave only it offers 5 different presets:

  • Astral Projection
  • Crazy High
  • Out-of-Body Experience
  • 3rd Eye Float
  • Weightless

Zen Meditate: iTunes, Website
10 Binaural Beats, not just for meditation, also some sleep, relaxation, and attention building tracks.

MindPulse: iTunes, Website
4 presets: Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta, also has an option to view a synchronized flashing light that matches the binaural beat.

BrainFreqz and Affirmations by DSRTech: iTunes, Website
There are a number of these programs in the appstore, each plays a single track that has binaural beats, the programs are:

BrainFreqz – Concentration and Focus
BrainFreqz – Euphoria
BrainFreqz – Creativity
BrainFreqz – Headache Relief
BrainFreqz – Sleep Induction
Affirmations – Health
Affirmations – Anger Managment
Affirmations – Weight Loss
Affirmations – Millionaire Mindset
Affirmations – Motivation
Affirmations – Procrastination
Affirmations – Self Esteem
Affirmations – Sobriety
Affirmations – Success
Affirmations – Universal Connectedness
and more…

Inner Node Studios: iTunes, Website
Out of Body
Sharp Mind
Deep Sleep – Delta Waves
Euphoria – Feel Good
Beta Pack – Creativity and Productivity
Theta Pack – Meditation, Lucid Dreaming and Intuitivity
-choose from four theta tracks
HoloTravel – Shorten Your Travel Time

Oxygen: iTunes, Website
-one track, alpha/theta mix

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  3. KevenRoss says:

    Also, BrainBaths is a great iPhone app that mixes Binaural Beats with 3D holophonic sound recordings of natural environments. Love it.

  4. thatflash says:

    This was a great read though! Thanks..

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  6. Sally-D says:

    Great share here and I like your take on things. One thing I’ve noticed is what we think about is 100% what we become. We create our own reality.

  7. This is awesome. I just wish they had the same amount of options for the blackberry. I could only find one on their app store and it only has like 5 binaural beats.

  8. Michiel Roos says:

    MindState is another great app. This is a binaural beat builder. You are free to create as many sequences as you like. You can layer multiple tones and background sounds on top of each other for increased effect. You can also import and export and share your creations.


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