Mind boosting binaural beats
that help you:

  • 😴 fall asleep quickly
  • 🧘‍♂️ meditate deeply
  • 💪 recover faster
  • 👍 stay motivated
  • 🏖 get relaxed
  • 😍 and more

Our Binaural Beats

All tracks are 30 minutes ultra high quality MP3

  • You Can Do It
    alpha, beta

  • Touch of Heaven

  • The Motivator
    concentration, focus

  • Peace and Joy
    alpha, theta
    calm, meditative

  • Super Hero
    beta, alpha, delta
    focused, insight

  • Stillness
    delta, theta
    insight, calm, meditative

  • Solfeggio Alchemy
    solfeggio frequencies
    grounded, calm

  • Self Assurance
    theta, beta
    calm, happy

  • Revitalize the Mind
    theta, delta
    sleepy, meditative

  • Radiant Health
    delta, theta
    calm, relaxed

  • Present Mind
    focused, present

  • Optimistic Thoughts
    theta, beta
    dreamy, calm

  • Oneness
    delta, theta
    meditative, aware

  • Millionaire Mind
    beta, theta, detla
    aware, insightful

  • Healthy Wealthy Joyful
    calm, aware

  • Happiness
    theta, detla
    present, insightful

  • Earths Resonance
    very grounded

  • Divine Matrix
    alpha, beta, theta
    connected, happy

  • Discover Thyself
    aware, insightful

  • Constant Peace
    alpha, theta
    happy, healing

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